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Precision Surface Grinding and Rotary Grinding Capabilities

What is Precision Surface & Rotary Grinding?

Surface grinding is a precision grinding process where the surfaces to be ground are usually flat.

Some advantages of surface grinding over other alternate methods for machining work surfaces, such as milling, are: grinding is more suitable for very hard materials, the accuracy and repeatability of surface grinding is excellent, smooth surface finishes can be accomplished, and fixturing is not of high cost.

Okamoto PRG-8DXNC Rotary Precision Grinding Machine
OKAMAMOTO ACC-124N Reciprocating Precision Grinding Machine

Reciprocating Surface Grinders

Our reciprocating surface grinders can grind workpieces of up to 12″ Wide X 24″ Long X 12” in Height. We can grind square, rectangular, round parts and many other different forms.

These machines can easily achieve flatness and parallelism of less than 0.0001 of an inch depending on shape of part, material, and material condition.

Reciprocating precision surface grinding can produce surface textures of very fine surface finishes to course finishes as required.


Our rotary precision grinding machine is capable of grinding workpieces of up to 31.5” on diameter by 10.8” in height.

Our Okamoto PRG-8DXNC has a rigid heavy Meehanite cast construction. This design makes this machine productive and the Okamoto technology makes them easy-use.

When you combine this machine’s 2-Axis simultaneous CNC control with its graphic conversational programing, the result is accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.

This machine is ideal for single piece with multiple operations, multiple workpiece grinding or high production precision work.

Our Okamoto rotary grinding machine is equipped with a 31.5-inch electro-magnetic chuck with automatic demagnetizer and variable hold.

Okamoto PRG-8DXNC CNC Rotary Precision Grinding Machine
Okamoto PRG-8DXNC CNC Rotary Precision Grinding Machine

Reciprocating and Rotary Surface Grinding Equipment:

  • Kent KGS-818AHI
  • MITSUI 250MH
  • Okamoto PRG-8DXNC